“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me”. ---- Carol Burnett


About Amar Skinner

Amar Rasheed Skinner is a master multitasker. Known for his prolific writing and business entrepreneurial interests, he has penned several publications related to a lifelong commitment to his work with at-risk youth, felons, and ex-felons. Among his publications are books, manuals, and curricula, all grounded in empirical evidence and designed for alternative education programs and personnel, as well as for other personnel involved in social work, sociology, psychology, criminal justice, second-chance ministries, and other related studies, organizations, and institutions, committed to social reform initiatives and behavior modification.

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“Out of Empathy we sponsored and host a variety of events throughout the United States of America. In doing so success is something I discovered was recognized by seeking to awaken it in others. Its rewards sometimes don’t look like what we expect to see yet when we finally realize that success is ours, we learn to appreciate the smaller steps we often thought to be nothing. While seeking success the greatest discovery I’ve learned of thus far is that in life success is also always seeking us. Some of us just refuse to enter it “ - Amar Skinner - REAL RAP “The Early Birds Unearthed”

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Amar’s Philosophy Is “To Introspect Daily On My Ability To Analyze Self For Better Awareness”

There was a time when I did not realize how much I didn’t know. In that time, I needed to know and understand things about my circumstances, my history, and the socialization of the world surrounding us. Learning about these things made all the difference in my outcome. While seeking to know more, the light bulb came on! It was then I realized a starting place had already taken place and from that moment I started to really break the vicious cycle I had been trapped within for years.