Amar Skinner

Amar Skinner's bio

Amar Rasheed Skinner is a master multitasker. Known for his prolific writing and business entrepreneurial interests, he has penned several publications related to a lifelong commitment to his work with at-risk youth, felons, and ex-felons. Among his publications are books, manuals, and curricula, all grounded in empirical evidence and designed for alternative education programs and personnel, as well as for other personnel involved in social work, sociology, psychology, criminal justice, second-chance ministries, and other related studies, organizations, and institutions, committed to social reform initiatives and behavior modification. Amar learned the hard way that, for every action, there are consequences. While spending ten years of his life behind bars, he had time to reflect on what brought him to a life of crime and how to reset his priorities to turn his life around. He writes about his thoughts, experiences, and societies view to help others, especially, the younger generations, from following in his footsteps of atrocities experienced. Investigating his experiences lived to acquire his understanding about Life, led to his successful business practices in entrepreneurship surrounding many concepts. One of which is a motivational speaker for youth groups and various other groups. His mission is to help others who may be going through some of the same challenges he went through, which led him down the wrong path. His approach to counseling young people, inmates, and former inmates about the important role that choices and consequences have on their life is both proactive, as well as empirical and/or personal. Because of their impact, the choices we make, and the consequences of those choices have the power to make or break a life. Amar’s work is about showing young people, inmates, and former inmates how to make better choices for their life that will get them positive end-results. Amar is CEO of The Certified Development Coaching Group, LLC. Aligned with his mission and work, Amar is the founder of E.F.E.R.M.— (which stands for Ex- Felon Entrepreneurship Retail Museum)—the only one of its kind in the country. The E.F.E.R.M. is ready and committed to providing and enforcing innovative felony reform initiatives intended to educate and empower against the entrapments of institutional poverty, criminal behavior, and incarceration. He is also a motivational speaker for youth groups and churches. In addition to serving as a mentor to young people and to those incarcerated, Amar is the proud father of two sons and two daughters.