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Time Management

Learn more about our 24/7 Chain Clock. A monitoring tool for tracking progress. The Time and Task Tracker

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Personal Development

Develop your life on the L.I.F.E. Path. Our Golden Journey. Structure, Prioritize and Self-Manage Today!

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Higher education degrees alone will never complete our education, for we learn every day. This continued learning is, why we call “Our School Called L.I.F.E.”

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Public Speaking

Learn how Amar was standing on the train tracks of life, facing life’s collisions and how he learns to board Life’s train to successful destinations instead of colliding with life.

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Business Training

Analyze your future and your world in the NOW with studies Amar has put together to assist you in Owning Your Own Future, NOW!

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Motivational Classes

Communication is key. Learn to communicate with strategy, confidence and a winning edge.

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