Enterprise Information


Amar’s Enterprises is a diversified company with holdings in wellness, coaching, transportation, and re-entry programs for youth and ex-offenders. Headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia, United States, Amar’s Enterprises company is committed to building communities and community networks through empathetic leadership, and endeavors to cultivate communities that care and show concern for its people and their needs. With holdings in healthcare, wellness, coaching, fashion, transportation and a museum called THE Ex-Felon Entrepreneurship Retail Museum or THE E.F.E.R.M. located in Portsmouth, Virginia, United States. It is the first museum of its kind devoted to the destruction of crime, poverty and injustice.

Amar is the concept developer of multiple business brands in a variety of fields. Amar’s Enterprises is made up by a network of more than Nine (9) companies and growing. It maintains responsibility for the employment safety of 100’s of employees while seeking to grow and secure its investments worldwide.